D T X C H 3 Ni M H Mk1

DTX-CH-3NiMH Mk1 battery charger datasheet

Manufacturer: Moire Labs s.r.o., Zamocka 14, 81101 Bratislava, Slovakia, www.moirelabs.com, info@moirelabs.com

Only for charging 3 Cell NiMH battery packs such as BP-2 3.6V NiMH Battery.

Limited to 0.5A charging current.

Only use with DC power supply of the following specification: 6V DC output, minimum 1A / 6W output power.

Charger supply plug type: 2.1x5.5mm. Center positive.

Only use supplied power supply with the charger.

Operation states

  • Red LED = On when charging
  • Green LED = On when done charging
  • Blue LED = On when charger is in operational state


  1. Disconnect the charger from the power supply
  2. Attach the battery pack to the charger
  3. Connect the charger to the power supply, red LED will lit up when battery is charging.
  4. After charge is full the green LED will lit up.
  5. Disconnect the charger from power supply.
  6. Disconnect the battery from the charger.

Do not connect or disconnect battery pack from the charger when the charger is being powered!

(c) Moire Labs